Christmas surprise pack




These packs will include all things christmas, snowmen, santa, super sparkly glitters and much more!

All bows are a surprise but you can of course choose the accessory type you’d like (ie, clips, bobbles, soft headbands etc) so you’ll be sure your little one can wear them all!

Packs are available in three sizes with a choice of toddler bows or regular:

Regular pack:
Small £5 – 2-3 items
Medium £10 – 3-4 items
Large £15 – 4-5 items

Toddler pack:
Small £5 – 4-5 items
Medium £10 – 7-8 items
Large £15 – 10-11 items

Toddler bows will measure 2.5″ on average and Regular bows will be 3″+ on average.

Bows are available on your choice of the following:
🎀 A crocodile clip lined with grosgrain ribbon.
🎀 A regular 15mm stretch headband in sizes newborn-adult.
🎀 A skinny 3mm stretch headband in sizes newborn-adult.
🎀 A soft stretch one size fits all nylon band.
🎀 Bobble – small or large


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